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Sharon Hermanowski, LPC, RD

Sharon Hermanowski


33 N Chillicothe Rd. Suite HCC. Aurora, OH 44202-8702

17800 Chillicothe Rd. Suite 250-4. Bainbridge Township, OH 44023

Populations: Ages 12 and up, Individuals, Couples, and Families


MS, Case Western University

M.Ed. Kent State University

Do you feel misunderstood or dismissed by others and does it often feel that no matter how hard you try it is difficult to find a healthy place of peace for yourself?

At times, in your life, it is a struggle to provide the love and care that you so need to yourself. You can care for others but your own self-care is lacking. You yearn to live a fuller life but something is holding you back. Feeling misunderstood or dismissed can take a toll on mental health. Self-doubt can make it difficult to make healthy decisions and feeling stretched very thin makes it hard to find solutions to problems that are important in your life.

It could be that past traumatic experiences and family history are interfering with your mood, and your current relationships, or you are working through life transitions. Sometimes life is hard and there are times when you experience difficult and challenging times. It is important that you know that you do not have to be alone on your journey.

It is often difficult to find someone to help you when you are feeling stuck. But if you are looking for a positive and supportive environment in which to make changes to live a more authentic life then please contact me and schedule an appointment. I offer therapy to adults, and adolescents with issues of depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, life crises, and feelings of being stuck. I am also a registered dietitian and can combine therapy to offer clients help with finding healthier life patterns, positive body image, and holistic overall health.